About us

Que arte tenemos is a foundation. We are a group of artists and art friends who want to unite the local and global with the universal language of ART.
We have an assistant for contacts and sales.

What do we do?

Que Arte Tenemos Foundation exists to promote the artistic expression of all, and to help connections between artists. FQAT is founded in 2017 physically located in a building in Dos Torres, a town in Córdoba. In this space there is a multi-purpose studio for painting, digital art, dance, music, and other creative activities.
Also, we have a store for sale of objects made by artists, local people or not, or that by itself are part of a design exhibition.
Items are on sale at our shop.

Our gallery gives the opportunity to new artists, with a platform of gallery and sales on-line.

Inside the Que Arte Tenemos Building we have a café to create a “drop in” space where we want an informal atmosphere of interaction between artists, shoppers or any visitor.

Our mission


Que Arte Tenemos is a foundation and needs sales, donations and volunteer time for your success

Que arte tenemos is a space without smoke and without mobiles.

The Foundation


El espacio estudio tiene X m2 y tiene facilidades para pintura, baile, arte digital, y eventos de música o de voz.

Espacio versátil de X m2, para exposición de pintura, fotografía, arte digital o escultura.

Es un espacio para venta de accesorios de diseñadores hasta manualidades o objetos de arte de artistas QAT.

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